Ways To Generate Huge Income From Your Social Media Stories

According to the data collected, users of Instagram spend anywhere between 24 and 32 minutes per day watching stories. This is the typical running time of an episode of a television series. According to Facebook, there are around one billion people who share tales every single day on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Utilizing the stories feature on these platforms can help you reach a large audience, increase engagement, and enhance contact with your brand through the use of user-generated content, as shown by the statistics.

In this tutorial, we’ll explain what “stories” are and why you might want to think about making use of the new functionality. Let’s get started!

What are the Benefits of Telling Stories on Social Media?

Stories on Social Media are posts that only exist for a limited time. Snapchat was the first social media platform to implement the idea, but Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp quickly followed suit. You can generate content with the help of photographs, videos, text, and tags by making use of Stories.

According to the findings of one study, the average attention span of people nowadays is only 8 seconds, down from 12 seconds in the past. In light of the fact that you can only submit 15 seconds of video at a time to stories, this is a significant benefit.

Your Instagram stories will be represented by a series of highlighted circles surrounding your profile picture:

Stories are distinguished from other content on Snapchat by the fact that they are almost always published from mobile devices, adhere to a vertical layout, and are deleted after twenty-four hours.

Facebook \sSnapchat \sWhatsApp

What are the Benefits of Sharing Your Stories on Social Media?

It has been discovered that individuals interact with stories on Facebook twice as frequently as they click on traditional postings on the platform. On Instagram, between 15 and 25 percent of users will click on links that are included in stories.

Let’s look at some additional reasons why it’s important for your brand to share tales on social media:

There is no need to hone the stories that you tell.

The fact that stories don’t require any kind of polish makes them quite convenient. It has been discovered that raw and personal narratives perform better than those that are carefully filtered and edited and have a large number of calls to action (CTAs).

The statistics demonstrate that a stronger connection with one’s audience can be achieved by imbuing one’s narratives with a more personal flavor.

 The Visibility of the Brand

According to the findings of the 2020 IG Stories Study, maintaining a high customer retention rate of 70% can be accomplished by posting up to five stories each day.

When Gap began using video storytelling as part of its marketing strategy, the company noticed a 73% increase in the number of people clicking through to its website. Their traffic and audience interaction with their profile grew as a result of these click-through rates, which ultimately led to an increase in the visibility of their brand.

On top of this, research has found that consumers spend almost half an hour per day clicking through their stories on their smartphones.

When a new story from your preferred company is published, you won’t be able to miss it because it will always appear in a vibrant ring at the very top of your feed. You also get a notification whenever they make a change. Because of this, the tales feature unquestionably boosts the visibility of your brand.

Wider Reach

Every single day, over 500 million individuals use Instagram Stories. In addition, 86.8 percent of users contribute new stories every single day. You will have far better luck reaching this enormous audience if you upload your own original articles.

Is Responsible For Traffic On The Website

According to the data, one in three users had a greater interest in a product after seeing it featured in an Instagram story. According to the findings of another study, users are twice as likely to click on links within stories as they are to click on links within regular Facebook posts.

This indicates that you will have an easier time directing your readers to your website or blog if you include links within your story. Your website’s traffic will increase as a result, leading to increased interaction and ultimately, purchases.

Put your own spin on your brand

There is no method that is more effective than using stories to communicate with your clients in order to personalize your business. By uploading raw and personal content, you may communicate with your audience in a more friendly manner. People are more likely to trust the opinions of their peers than they do brands.

You may increase the amount of customer loyalty you receive by giving your company a more personal feel. Because people will have the impression that they can connect better with you, they will be more likely to shop with you as well.

Content that is Immediately Relevant

Users of social media are notorious for their lack of self-control and short attention spans. In the meantime, they are interested in being current with the news. They have a quick and easy way to view posts that they are interested in straight away through the use of Stories.

Efficient Use of Resources It takes money to advertise, especially on social media.

However, stories do not cost anything, and they also provide a higher level of engagement. On top of that, you won’t waste any of your valuable time updating the content of your website.

Taking Part in Competitions and Other Promotions

When it comes to sales, customers don’t want to feel like they’re being kept in the dark. People will stay consistently connected with your stories if you post flash sales and one-day discounts there. This will ensure that they don’t miss any changes that you post.

Because stories are deleted after twenty-four hours, they will be visiting your profile more regularly to check for updates, which will enhance their level of connection with your company.

In addition, the fact that customers are unaware of the number of other individuals who have entered the giveaway or are participating in it adds an air of mystery and intrigue to the experience. Promotional postings and giveaways that are uploaded to stories. Because of this, their enthusiasm for taking part is heightened.

Gets you Started in the World of Video Sharing

If the idea of making movies about your company makes you nervous, telling stories is a less scary way to accomplish the same goal. Because the focus of stories is on posting raw content, there is no need for you to worry about sounding or looking ideal.

You won’t need any specialized hardware or editing software to get started. Simply be yourself, do what makes you comfortable, tell the truth, and have fun with it!

In addition to this, video stories have a slightly higher level of engagement than image stories do. They also perform better when compared to other metrics such as the tap-forward and exit rates. Videos have a lower exit rate and a higher tap-forward rate than other content types.


Establish Yourself as a Leader in Your Industry

Creating content for social media, then editing it and uploading it, takes a significant amount of work. When it comes to topics that are currently popular, the optimum time to post about them is as soon as they occur. You will see the highest level of engagement this way.

Every minute that you spend editing is a minute that could have been spent spreading the breaking news. Through the use of stories, live content, such as images and videos, may be uploaded as soon as it occurs, without the need to wait until it has been edited.

People will begin to take notice of the fact that you are always current on the most recent news, and they will begin to depend on you for genuine and up-to-date information. You may not see immediate results, but over time, you will become an expert in your profession.

There Is No Need to Attempt to Outsmart the Algorithm

The algorithms used by social media platforms are not very reliable. They shift from time to time, which can occasionally cause your visibility to shift in tandem with those shifts. Despite this, stories continue to surface at the very top of everyone’s feed.

This ensures that they always receive the necessary number of views. You are not required to upload during certain times of the day or with a large number of hashtags that make the screen look cluttered. And every time you add a new post, your narrative is brought back to the forefront of the feed.

Immediate Sales

According to the findings of a study, fifty percent of individuals visit a website of a firm after being aware of the items it features in its narratives. One in every four millennials researches the backstory of a product before making a purchase decision.

This indicates that people have a greater propensity to make purchases of products after viewing them on stories. Therefore, the most obvious step to take in order to boost sales is to submit products to your story.

 An Open and Honest Analysis of Our Competition

You may easily gather information about the types of business promotions that your competitors are engaging in by reading stories. You need only look through their stories to get an idea of the types of content they’re publishing, as well as the kinds of sales and giveaways they’re holding, and so on.

For instance, if one of your rivals is doing a flash weekend sale, you can hold a promotion that is analogous to it for your own brand to encourage customers to continue shopping at your establishments.

It’s also possible that you’ll identify a weakness in their marketing strategy and find ways to address it in your own initiative. For instance, if you notice that a competitor in your industry does not have a very strong presence on Instagram, you might consider increasing the amount of user-generated content that is posted to your own Instagram profile. This will make your brand appear to be more distinctive in the eyes of your target audience.

 Improved Quality of Service to Customers

According to the Sprout Social Index, nearly half of all customers in today’s world choose to voice their complaints via social media platforms. It is much more convenient than sending emails, which can take days to get a response, or making lengthy phone calls.

If you interact with the people who make up your audience on a regular basis and address the problems that they have, they will eventually grow to appreciate and trust you. Stories shared on social media provide a fast approach to responding to users’ complaints and demonstrate that you place a high focus on ensuring their contentment.

 Target Younger Audiences with Your Message

It is not a secret that young people in today’s society interact less with traditional advertising, preferring, instead, to look at internet advertisements or stories for brand updates. This shift in behavior is not surprising. Having said that, it is critical for businesses to establish a strong presence across various social media platforms.

The younger generation should be a primary priority for businesses in terms of the development of opportunities for user-generated content and storytelling. Because the majority of people who use social media are members of Generation Z, companies have an opportunity to increase engagement and revenue by engaging members of this generation.


There is approximately 48 percent of people actively use social media all across the world. The use of social media is most prevalent among young people; in fact, 84 percent of users are between the ages of 18 and 29. In addition to this, these younger people favor using social media platforms to consume advertisements.

You’re going to need a presence on social media if you want to attract people in this age range to your brand. Stories are one of the most well-liked components of social media platforms in the modern day. Businesses can harness the power of these narratives to boost customer engagement and conversion rates, giving them an advantage over their rivals.

This article provided an overview of the 15 most compelling arguments in favor of including stories into your social media marketing strategy. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries! Follow us on our social media platforms, and if you think your friends could benefit from reading this piece, feel free to share it with them.







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