5 Technology Facts You Should Be Aware Of


  1. The typewriter keyboard was expressly designed to slow writing


Originally, however, QWERTY’s inefficiencies command a transparent purpose: the keyboard style was supposed to decrease users.

At just once, mechanical typewriters crowded if typists were too fast. QWERTY weighs down on this downside. Today, we tend to still use QWERTY because we are at home with it, however, several specialists powerfully favor alternate writing approaches.


  1. It is still possible to go to the world’s 1st webpage


The original webpage went on board in 1991 and ran on a NeXT pc at CERN — the ECU Organization for Nuclear analysis. this handy page was entirely dedicated to informing the public about the globe Wide internet. Today, it primarily is a historical archive. Click here to examine it.


  1. Email predated the globe Wide internet


In today’s mobile age, it is robust to imagine a world while not the web. curiously enough, however, the web could be a relative newcomer compared to email. Ray Tomlinson sent the 1st email message to himself in 1971 — years before the web took place.


  1. The bulk of web content exists on the Deep internet


The average web user will solely hope to scratch the surface of obtainable content. while a distinguished Dutch scientist believes that 4.5 million websites are presently indexed by search engines, the web extends so much on the far side this is simply searchable content.

Estimates concerning the dimensions and scope of the Deep internet vary, however some researchers believe that it is a minimum of four hundred times larger than the surface web.

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  1. 3D printing is nothing new


The technology for 3D printing has been around for many years, however, it is solely begun to draw attention within the past few years. The idea at the start appeared throughout the Nineteen Eighties once it was seen as speedy Prototyping.

Charles Hull with success secured a patent for the stereolithography equipment in 1986, and yet, the primary commercially accessible 3D printer was not offered available till 2009.








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